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10525663_2431088661224_4534973981893493953_nHi! My name is Bianca, and I’m a local Brooklynite, whose had a pen in her hand since day one. My passion for journalism was something that always stuck with me. I can’t pinpoint when I got my brilliant idea of being a writer, but one moment that does stick out was when I bought my first issue of Teen People. The fashion! The celebrity! The real-life teen issues that spoke to 11-year-old me was enough have me hooked on magazines. So…

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from SUNY New Paltz, I set out to chase my dream of working at a magazine. Like most writers, I moved returned to New York to begin my journalism career. I broke into the website/magazine scene thanks to an internship at iVillage which made me incredibly web savvy and took me into the exciting world of digital media.

Since graduation, I was a contributing writer for a website called The Miss InformationWomen’s Health, domino.com and now I work for Shape magazine as their online web producer.

I’m also the founder of 20SomethingTruths, a blog dedicated to my confusing, enlightening, and sometimes humorous life as a 20-something in New York. You can read about my take on beauty news, my opinion on why Facebook is overrated, or laugh about the time I got stuck in the rain en route to a job fair.

Where to find me: I can be easily spotted at any Starbucks or Sephora in the New York City area. But, I’m sure you don’t want to waste my time looking at every single Starbucks, so you can find me on:



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