This piece of my was featured in a blog called Late Night Confessions with J

I don’t know what got over me this year, but I am finding myself looking forward to Valentine’s Day. For the past 10 years of my life, I never understood the holiday. I’ve said to myself countless of times, “Why do you need ONE holiday to appreciate your love one, when you should do it every day?” Even with my last relationship of three years we never celebrated it, and when I got texts from friends and family celebrating this romantic day, I ignored them or responded with a short “U Too.”

But this year it’s different. Being newly single, I find myself eyeing the delicate heart-shaped box of chocolates and the long stemmed roses. I am suddenly intrigued when people elaborate on their Valentine’s Day plans. I may just wear pink or red this year!! Damn, what has gotten into me?

I used to hate every cliché aspect that came to Valentine’s Day; the romantic weekends, the engagements (excuse me while I vom), and the billions of dollars that men and women shell out for what I call a “Hallmark Holiday.” And what I hated just as much was the multiple Facebook statuses that said “Happy Singles Awareness Day.”
Now, while I still think some Valentine’s Day acts are cliché, I find it more appreciating. And now, that I am on a solitary path (and maybe this also has to do with age) , I realized it all doesn’t have to be about embracing a significant lover. But seriously, can you get any more desperate than that?valentine hearts

I am starting to view holidays as milestones, all purposely lined up. The Holiday Spectrum, as I call it, starts with New Years and ends with Christmas. The New Year gives us the opportunity to start fresh, and we travel along the spectrum until the cheery holiday season, when we reflect on how far we’ve come. So, maybe the purpose of Valentine’s Day is a pit stop on the yearly journey to bettering oneself, a reminder to appreciate ourselves and others in a not-so romantic way.

So for all you ladies (or guys) who want to steer clear on the cliché Valentine’s Day celebrations first of all delete immediately the single’s awareness status, and show someone — or something– else your love. Maybe on 2/14, you will reconnect with an old friend or get dinner with your best friend and splurge on that decadent dessert or that fancy wine bottle. Or maybe on 2/14 you will stand in front of the mirror and find something nice to say about that physical feature that you normally can’t stand. And instead of that frantic 5 minute conversation you normally have with your parents – and it’s probably over money—take five or ten extra minutes to talk about something other than that subject.

Just take one moment to think about those over-the-top, maybe what you think “unrealistic”, New Year’s Resolutions and ask yourself “Am I on that path to where I want to be?” Cheesy, perhaps maybe I sound Connie Podesta, but there’s no other way to write it. Just remind yourself that you have 10 more months to complete you goals and that you are always filled with love.

And what I am doing Valentine’s Day?  Probably unwinding with a glass of wine, and counting my blessings.

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