9 Ways To Make Summer Sex Even Hotter

This is an expert from a slideshow I wrote for WomensHealthMag.com. To read more, click here

Since temperatures are heating up and clothes are coming off, there’s no better time than the present to make your sex life a little steamier. Hey, you’re already sweating, right? And we’re not talking about the ordinary beach sex (although that’s never a bad idea). We asked three experts for some unique and fun ways to make your sex life the hottest it’s been since well… last summer.

Play in the Water
Fact: Couples who play together have the best sex together, says Gloria Brame, Ph.D., author of Sex For Grown-Ups: A Sex Primer for The 21st Century. So find an empty pool or secluded spot in the lake or ocean to go skinny dipping. While sex in the water may up your risk of a UTI, a little hands-on foreplay is totally allowed. And if you happen to be in your own pool, keep a silicone-based lube nearby, says clinical sexologist Aleida Heinz, Ph.D., since the water may wash away any natural lubrication. (Read More)

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