5 Ways to Show Your Naked Body Some Love

This article was originally published in WomensHealthMag.com. Click here to read more. 

Everyone has moments when they pick on their bodies and call out certain features they don’t like—but it’s so, so important to build a loving relationship with your bod. (Really—does anyone want to be mentally berating themselves on a regular basis?) So we got experts to share a few ways you can get into a more self-loving mindset. Put them to work today to start feeling more glowy and gorgeous ASAP.

Treat Your Body Like Your Friend
You adore your friends and family—so you’d never insult them for making minor mistakes. You want to have that same attitude with your body, says Leslie Goldman, a Chicago-based body image expert. She suggests asking yourself, “Would I say this to a friend?” every time you become self-critical about your body. Treating your body with that same respect will help you develop more compassion for it. (Read more)

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